Official community of Zapata Racing and much more !

Flycaptain is the worlds 1st and officially recognized community dedicated to the new extreme water sports, created by the french brand Zapata Racing:  Flyboard, Hoverboard,  Jetpack and the newest invention that blew up peoples minds – Flyboard AIR.

Flycaptain was founded in November 2014 by Steve Palma (French) who is currently the vice-world champion (2016) and European champion (2016) and Thomas Gayet (French, Artistic Director) who are passionate about extreme sports and new technology.

Like Icarus or more recently – superheroes, they just wanted to fly and they immediately fell in love with the Flyboard and Hoverboard created by Franky Zapata (French also). Since then, the spirit of Zapata Racing products have became a part of their DNA which brought the idea to create the world’s largest community dedicated to these water sports – “Flycaptain”.

Flycaptain quickly established itself as the world’s first community dedicated to these sports, which united Zapata Racing lovers. However Flycaptain is much more than a community, it is also an online shop, a platform for sharing and exchange media, accomplishments between enthusiasts, a huge library of photos, a database of technical information and videos explaining the various tricks, world map of rental and initiation spots and bases, event creators, videos, shows and a single iPhone app loaded with statistics and videos.

The aim of Flycaptain is to inspire as many riders as possible, to share the maximum amount of information and resources, to bring all the riders together fromall over the world and to promote this sport.

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