Flypark®, playground for superheroes!

Flycaptain (and therefore French Riviera Water Toys) have just launched their latest concept with the launch of a world-first “Flypark®”, which is held every Saturday at Camille Rayon port in French Riviera (in Golfe Juan) and is an unltimate playground for all water sports enthusiasts out there.

The participants are able to learn Flyboard/Hoverboard by ZR or to perfect themselves while flying and sharing tipswith 2 of the best riders of the world – vice champion of the world and vice-champion of Europe Steve Palma and Jeff Gazzola (Worlds Top 10). Club members are welcome to bring their own equipment and first time fliers/ beginners can rent directly from us (from practice we guarantee that you will be becoming a member soon.)

Discover a Flyboard and fly with the conditions that are only availableat the FlyCaptain Flyboard Club like the FLYPAD, ! From the beginner to the professional, the Flother floating toys, seabobs, paddles, jetski, electric boards and so much more. Flycaptain school is definitely the place for all fans of extreme sports, nautical and jetski on the coast of Azur.

Join the Flyboard Flycaptain club for amazing Saturday fun at Port Camille Rayon from 10am to 4pm. Come with your equipment or rent it on site at reduced prices. Join a band of enthusiasts to spend a good time together and practice with the world’s best Flyboard Rider!

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