Flyboard Air, Flyboard & Hoverboard by ZR; one French story.

Franky Zapata invented the Flyboard® in 2011. Flyboard® is a type of aquatic jetpack attached to a personal craft (PWC) providing propulsion and directs the Flyboard® with the water in air. The pilot of a Flyboard® is standing on the board connected with a long hose which is connected to PWC. The water is sent under pressure below the board, water intakes supplying the power for the pilot to rise up to 15 meters in the air or dive in like a dolphin in the water.

French Riviera water toys is the official distributor of all Zapata Racing products. You can therefore buy directly from us all the products of the brand. We also provide official instructor training to become a Flyboard instructor. Do not hesitate to consult the “Services” section for more information.

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