The action sports tracker

Dream big. Ride Bigger with Traakx.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track all your ride data with a single device? Imagine that you could gather information like GPS position, G-force, speed, and jumps at the same time you’re recording video.

Now you can!

TRAAKX is a new, all-in-one tracker with such data-collection precision that it can track your jumps within 2 inches.
We’ve expertly designed TRAAKX to be the perfect tracker for any extreme sports enthusiast. Now you can record all your tricks and even compare performances with other riders using innovative sharing capabilities!

TRAAKX has been engineered to add a layer of immersive storytelling to your ride data by providing stats about your actions. It catalogues everything from how fast you were riding down the line on your last mountain run to how high you climbed or how many G’s you pulled in your best track turn!

This one-of-a-kind tracker captures all the data you need about your tricks including:
GPS path, Speed, Altitude, G-force, Elevation gain, Angle, Transition, Turn rate, Air Time And much more!

TRAAKX automatically separates all of your runs and detects your lifts and trails so you don’t have to! It also allows you to track your progression over time with automatic documentation of stats like: total airtime, max jump height, highest vertical distance, max speed, calories burned, average and individual ride time, and much more!

With this amazing tracker, you can find out the exact approach speed you’ll need to clear a kicker, how far you usually jump at a certain resort, and how jumps compare from park to park. With a ground-breaking combination of a 9-axis, IMU, and GPS, TRAAKX affords the most incredible precision, making it the most accurate tracker available on the market.

TRAAKX is the perfect training tool! By tracking and analyzing all your actions, it provides you with the information you need to find out which skills you need to improve on most. Your iPhone was never meant to accurately track 40mph sessions and 20 foot jumps. Do yourself a favor and use an accurate tracker that was built for extreme sports tracking.

TRAAKX’s unparalleled ability to pinpoint every detail of your session is why it’s the perfect tracker to fulfill all your extreme-sports tracking needs!TRAAKX is designed to be compatible with most video cameras on the market. And, with TRAAKX’s Share-the-System mounting option, you can easily mount your tracker on your ride as a GOPRO.
As long as you have an internet connection, you can download TRAAKX updates as more awesome features become available!


Our team of TRAAKX designers and developers are proud to present the TRAAKX app.
The TRAAKX app can be used to share your story and build a community to help support and fund your extreme sports endeavors! Not only is TRAAKX the most advanced extreme sports tracker on the market today, but, with the addition of the new TRAAKX app, it is also the first ever community-building device dedicated to extreme sports and athletes.

The TRAAKX app and device work seamlessly together to build your community. Using both the tracker and the app, you can save video and data from your runs, import the information you select into the app, and share it with your fans on your profile, allowing you to be even more visible to your community!

The TRAAKX device and app allow you to follow and analyze the performances of other athletes from around the world, share your own performances, and fund your extreme sports activities.

Our TRAAKXERS are always finding new ways to develop the TRAAKX community and evolve our app and tracking systems.
Currently, our team of developers is working with Elite Sports Man to better understand each sport we list on our app and tracker to make sure TRAAKX is outfitted with the latest information.

Our goal is to help all action sports find a home in the TRAAKX community.Tricks Analysis – The first tricks-analyzer ever! This unique feature of the TRAAKS app auto-detects what tricks you’re performing, matching data with world famous sports players after detecting what tricks you’re performing.

Social Media – With the TRAAKX app, you can post photos of you latest rides, match your performance and tricks with other riders’, and share your latest performances and tricks with your fans!

Leaderboards – The new battleground for extreme sports performance! After each session or game, you can find out whether you made the leaderboard for your country based on your stats.

Speedometer – This feature tells you how fast you were going and includes a compass for orientation.

Speed Graph – This feature displays your speed over time and charts your fastest moments and spikes in activity. Speed graphs also serve as a great tool in the editing and scrubbing process, allowing you to easily identify highlight moments from your footage before sharing.

GPS Path – With this, you can see the route you took and pinpoint your position as you move along your route.

G-Force – Now you can easily check how much G-force is pulling against as you accelerate or change direction.

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